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I’m not mentally prepared for this show to end

Homeland was great, and Designated Survivor was amazing binging, but goodness me, This Is Us hits a different spot.

All. The. Feels.

If you haven’t seen this show, be sure to tune in with a box of tissues in arm’s reach. It is so so clever, emotionally charged with a feel-good/feel-I-can-never-recover-from-this vibe. The show transitions between decades as you watch the highs and lows of the Pearson family. I’ve always had a crush on Milo Ventimiglia from my Gilmore Girls days, but wow, Milo as Jack is just so good.

There are three episodes left in the series and then, that’s it.

What am I meant to do after this show I feel I’ve invested my heart into. At the end of each episode, Florian and I ask each other what the hell we’ll do when it ends, to which I often joke we should just start it again (I’m not joking)

I’ve laughed, I’ve cried (a lot) and then I cried again.

I don’t know how I will fill this hole in my life and it saddens me oh so much.

So, Jamie, you’ve got a lot of pressure to top this one- what’s next?

-tgfs x

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