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My BDSMLR blog about to hit 10,000 followers

In thr ee years my BDSMLR site has gone from 0 followers to imminently, 10,000 followers.

I aim to have as many as possible images representing apparently real life, domestic FLRs and as few as possible of dominatrices. I do not stick to this rule rigidly though as there as some images involving dominatrices that are simply too delicious not to be included.

I hope the purely organic growth in my follower numbers is representative of a liking for real life, domestic FLR, compared to images of dominatrices in dungeons, or those dressed as traditional dominatrices.

MY LIFE in another’s BDSMLR

One interesting site on BDSMLR (maddog-wh) seems to be someone who directly takes themes from my journals and applies them to femdom drawings for a proportion if his posts, which is kinda interesting. ONE LINK and another image below.

I have always wondered if he is a fan of this blog.

A Christmas Image

Completely unrelated to the above, but I thought I must post it before it is too late. A simple image that caught my eye in my kitchen Christmas day, just before my puppet put the bird in the oven. I got a sudden urge to partake in some VERY RESTRICTIVE bondage. I wonder why?

Pleasingly popular

I have to say my latest journal, No. 20, is pleasingly popular. Advance notice that, such have been the massive step-changes in my FLR regimen in the last four months, that my next Journal, No. 21 will be published very soon, probably by the end of the month.

The journal is available on as PAPERBACK or ePub (eBook).

The journal is also available for Kindle on Amazon


In due course the journal will be available from all outlets in all formats

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