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Our Reader for ‘Look Both Ways’ (Jan-Mar 2022)

Back in spring 2022 we asked Oxford author Alison Baxter to be Reader for our competition, themed ‘Look Both Ways’. The winners were announced shortly afterwards, and finally we are about to publish the winning pieces!

Alison Baxter

Alison Baxter is an Oxford-based writer and historian. Her book about her Victorian ancestors, A Cornish Cargo, was published in 2020 and she is now working on her first historical novel. Her website is at  is the Chair of Sanctuary Hosting, a local charity that provides temporary accommodation for refugees and asylum seekers in people’s homes.

Alison selected one Winner and four other Reader’s Choices, all of which will be published here in the coming weeks. ‘Follow’ the site using the pop-up in the bottom right hand corner to receive them straight to your inbox as they come out. And if you would like to be a Reader in a future competition, get in touch!


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